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The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs ? Real-life Stories of Determination, Growth & Prosperity is a compilation of 25 women entrepreneurs from across the country. Yarrow’s chapter, Your World-View? Packing for the Entrepreneurial Journey, provides examples and tips on three winning “feminine trump cards” to bring you, your life and your business straight to the top. Drawing from the Deep Well, Female Radar and Intending Your Life on Purpose each provides practical knowledge easily applicable to your spiritual journey and entrepreneurial success.


“When you live by these truths, no one can dissuade you of your dreams, hopes and ambitions,” Yarrow said.


Cancer Survivor and Wall Street firm Vice President Debi L. Meeks of Annapolis, Maryland sums Yarrow’s chapter up as “Women helping women is a tried and true method of success. Kudos to Yarrow and these entrepreneurs for sharing their trials and tribulations in an effort to help others. It is very easy to respect and learn from those who have "been there, done that." This collaborative effort is "a must read" to play the game of life with a winning hand and to master the trump cards of women's intuition.”


Yarrow’s chapter provides both anchor and loft as the final and 25th chapter in the book, where she challenges your current thinking and provides examples and tips to launch your new world-view. 


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