About Yarrow

Yarrow is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and House Staging Professional who understands that “It’s All About Energy,” that there is “one” source and that we are all working with the same energy.

With this information and when consulting with clients, Yarrow expands Feng Shui beyond the “crystals, mirrors and red tassels” practice that is generally known of Feng Shui in the Western culture. In real estate, Yarrow brings her talents as a house staging professional to buyers and realtors to prepare properties for sale.

Her expertise includes changing the "energy in spaces" and the "energy of the people in those space."
Yarrow began her interest in this elusive thing called "energy" as a young child. As Yarrow began to experience a sense that there was "something" going on between herself and people in her environment, it was then that curiosity prodded her to being consciously aware of energy exchange. Raised amid the Nittany Mountains in Happy Valley, aka Penn State, Pennsylvania, where she collected wild Ginseng with her father on Sunday afternoons, she developed a curiosity about the role of nature as a child.

The mystery began to unfold when Yarrow took conscious flight onto her spiritual path, seeking answers, experiencing new concepts through Native American teachings, practicing a holistic lifestyle, and studying the Ancient Chinese Practice of Feng Shui. Following graduation from Psychosynthesis, a three-year spiritual psychology course out of Berkeley, California, Yarrow took her first private Feng Shui workshop in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1996. Her life has not been the same since. Chi abounds - life's questions continue.

Yarrow received her Feng Shui certification from Hope Karan Gerecht, first generation student of Master Lin Yun and author of Healing Design. Yarrow continues her studies with prestigious Feng Shui scholars and spiritual and holistic teachers. Advanced learning in space clearing is a priority for Yarrow, who currently studies with Eric Dowsett, author of Clear Home, Clear Heart.

Along her journey, Yarrow studied with masters and teachers such as "Secrets of Wealth" with Steven Post, world-renown disciple of Master Lin Yun. Yarrow has studied under Karen Kingston, author of Clear Your Clutter and Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui. Yarrow is a member of the International Feng Shui Guild and has clients world-wide.

Through lectures and teaching, Yarrow imparts knowledge on ways to create "Sacred Space" for increased productivity, happiness and balance. As a professional speaker, Yarrow creates custom workshops and facilitates staff retreats and self-empowerment seminars for corporations, organizations, and groups. She creates garden designs and Feng Shui gardens using nature's energy and principles of Garden Feng Shui. She is the founder of the Malvern Preparatory School Garden Guild in the Philadelphia suburbs, a contributing author to The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs, co-author of The American Bed & Breakfast Cookbook, a public speaker and freelance writer.

She lives in her 1950s cottage in Historic Eastport Annapolis, Maryland and proudly displays her Bay Wise Garden certification. Yarrow is currently developing her land using Feng Shui principles that will provide a tangible learning tool for her students and clients.

Yarrow wishes Fortunate Blessings to all who embrace the ancient principles of Feng Shui as they discover the benefits of working with chi to create wealth, health and love in your life.

Be mindful of your inner knowing, intuition and intention. For those important questions you have, Ask Yarrow. Namaste!