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January 2007


I don't know about you, but I've been having a good time exploring new ways to support my New Year's resolution around a food program, determined to get fit and to live a healthier lifestyle.
I've resolved to be in this for the long run this year!

I want to share with you two concepts that I find keep things exciting in the kitchen ~ Color and Flavor.

Not new you say? I know, but let's "mix it up" a bit and use things in different ways so we can avoid salt and high-sodium seasonings.

Before we get to that though, I want to thank you for your patience and understanding during the transition of my email and webpage.
Several people have told me that they couldn't register for workshops and that our email communication was flawed. That resulted in alot of frustration for some folks.
I want to apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced over the past few months in booking services with Feng Shui At The Bay.

Check out our new site! Hillary did a great job getting the site over.
We still have more educational information and virtual products to provide. That will happen over the next few weeks.
Meanwhile, check out the author receptions and lectures(some are free), workshops and House Staging, our new service.

Good luck with keeping your resolution going!
And, remember...keep your chi rising!

In this Issue...
  • A Shrine for Your Juicer
  • Color & Flavor
  • Staging ~ Sell Your House Faster

  • A Shrine for Your Juicer


    Ok. Let's get back to how Feng Shui can support your food program. Get started this way:

    1. Declare your kitchen sacred! Clean your kitchen and counter tops with a citrus solution.
    2. Make a shrine for your juicer and/supplement bottles. Designate a space on your kitchen counter and honor yourself by using colorful placemats to make the space inviting.
    3. Color yourself happy! Use containers with uplifting colors for your special food. Stack a glass bowl of your favorite color with vegetables and fruits on which to feast your eyes on nature's colorful palette.
    4. Avoid the use of red in the kitchen. It is an appetite-stimulating color. Hum, restaurants must know this:)
    5. Drink with joy! Use a beverage glass with a positive vibe. Try a stemmed martini glass.
    6. Avoid energetic vampires; they are the people who always dampen your spirits.
    7. Most of all, choose vital friends. Be around people who have your best interests at heart and who bring positive energy to your life.

    Color & Flavor


    You know the drill: fresh, dark leavy greens, brightly- colored vegetables and fruits. Buy organic to get a higher energy quality and more nutrition for yourself!

    Choices to boost flavor: Baby Bella Mushrooms over white ones; sweet or Vidalia onions over yellows; red, orange and yellow peppers over green.
    And, here's a personal favorite: I use mustard greens and dandelion for a real tastebud kick.

    When you are steaming veggies, start with just a quarter cup of water~veggies provide their own juices. Watch the heat level closely so the skillet doesn't go dry.

    Some times I add Cilantro to a pan of greens(yes, I steam it, too) such as tri-colored chard or kale and then I spoon some warm low-sodium or no-sodium salsa on top.
    That's my way of experiencing a wonderful Mexican-flavor meal without all the calories!

    By the way, I had several nice emails about how much folks like the Apple Fritter recipe in our Thanksgiving newsletter. If you missed it, please feel free to email me to request the recipe.

    Staging ~ Sell Your House Faster


    kitchen.afterHouse Staging is fast being recognized as a professional service that helps sell houses faster and/or for more money.

    In the industry, being "accredited" is important. I am an Accredited Staging Professional(ASP), and the way I work is to "do as much or as little" as the seller and Realtor wants me to do.

    My team is focused on quality sevice working within a sellers budget and timeframe.

    We really appreciate any referrals to Feng Shui At The Bay. Tell your your friends, neighbors and Realtors to help them learn about the benefits of staging. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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