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Feng Shui in the workplace is gaining popularity as knowledge of its benefits are more readily recognized and measured. Feng Shui is a beneficial tool for corporations and small business owners who value their employees, know the high cost of employee attrition and hiring—and understand how clutter and disorganization increase stress and reduce productivity.

Known benefits of Feng Shui in the workplace include:

Yarrow is skilled in changing negative attitudes, increasing team camaraderie, and introducing new paradigms of self-exploration through a series of supportive action modules. She works closely with Human Resource managers, Wellness Committees and Executive Leadership to create custom programs that are focused on corporate goals and current challenges.

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A service provided by Chi Rising LLC that is geared to assist Human Resource Managers, Employee Benefits Professionals, Wellness Committees and Small Business Owners through…

Yarrow, owner of Chi Rising LLC and Feng Shui at the Bay, excels in creating positive workplace environments that support corporate human resource goals and bottom line success through a series of educational modules.  Master Your Energy© , an interactive, fun and productive workshop, has proven success with employee groups.

Chi Rising LLC’s annual retainer option for the “Step Up to Wellness and Productivity in Your Workplace Program” is suggested to support and ease fiscal budgeting purposes. Yarrow will work with you to project your annual corporate needs and determine the budget needed to achieve your human resource goals. The annual retainer funds can be utilized for any employee or service and used as needed throughout the year. To receive your budget estimate, contact Yarrow or 410.271.1377

Step Up to Wellness & Productivity in Your Workplace program is implemented in the following ways:


Educational lectures are geared to different levels of employee teams that introduce the principles and benefits of Feng Shui in the workplace. Lectures are suitable for brown bag lunches, team retreats and executive leadership development. Lectures are:

Public Speaking rates are determined by the number of participants, the length of the lecture requested and the geographic location. Contact Yarrow for additional information 410.271.1377


Interactive training is provided through a three-hour workshop, “Feng Shui Yourself & Manage Your Personal Energy©.”

“Feng Shui Yourself & Manage Your Personal Energy©” is a workshop that introduces the concept of “energy drains.” The workshop engages employees in the mental and emotional exercise of identifying the numerous ways their personal energy is drained, both in the workplace and in their lives.

Yarrow expertly facilitates the group discussion for the gentle and confidential discovery of our personal role in how our energy is drained. Participants only share what they care to share. There is no pressure to divulge personal challenges or situations.

Using personal worksheets, participants are guided to:

Rates for training are determined by the number of participants and the geographic location. Contact Yarrow for additional information 410.271.1377


Yarrow conducts workplace on-site private consulting sessions with individual employees.

Consultations with individual employees are designed to create a healthier more productive work space and to support desired changes in attitudes, behaviors and habits. The following services can be selected as needed.

Confidential consultations with individuals focus on one or all of the following. Individual support is customized to support specific needs and may include:

Consultations are billed by the hour with a two-hour minimum. Individual consultations with several employees in the same day can maximize your budget by combining travel time and expenses. Contact Yarrow for more information and to schedule an appointment 410.271.1377.

Feng Shui Business Consultations

Feng Shui Business consultations are conducted on-site for any size or type of work space or office with the goal of maximizing the energy flow for increased prosperity and to optimize the productivity and harmony of employees.Yarrow will personally conduct the Feng Shui consultations in your workplace.

A consultation may include:

Rates for business consultations vary depending upon the size and scope of the business. Contact Yarrow to discuss a fee specific to your business 410.271.1377