November 2006 Four Feng Shui Tips for the Holidays!
Gratitude ~Books~ Food ~ Gift Cards
Now that the holiday season has begun, I am committed to helping you fully enjoy the festivities! In this issue you will find four ways to manage your time and energy with the spirit of accepting what "is."

Accepting means to enjoy life more fully; And to be successful at this you must commit your attention and intention. This is called being "fully present."

To free up some energy to be "fully present" read on for ways to develop a new paradigm for being this holiday season. Oh, before you go on, write a gratitude list of all the things you are grateful for in your life! This is Tip #1.

  Be Mindful of What is Going On Between Your Ears!
  What We Think Shows Up In Our Life!
What we are thinking produces emotions. Let's choose JOY!
  1. Let go of the past. This is a new holiday!
  2. Avoid negative people. Prepare polite exit strategies.
  3. Choose quality over quantity in all things.

You can do it. Just be mindful of your choices and stay present in the moment!

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  Recipe for Country Apple Fritters
  Simple and Simply Delicious!
This recipe is from "The American Bed & Breakfast Cookbook" that I co-authored back in the mid 80s before B&B's in private homes were popular.
The recipes in the cookbook are a collection from folks across the country who took in travelers and cooked some of the most amazing meals for them.
I hope you enjoy this one from the Betsy Ross Bed & Breakfast in Michigan.

Country Apple Fritter Yields: 18 Fritters. 1 cup flour ~1 teaspoon baking powder~1 teaspoon salt~2 eggs~1/2 cup milk~ 1 teaspoon vegetable oil~ 3 cups unpared and cubed apples(or other cubed fruit such as peaches or pears)~Vegetable oil for frying

Combine flour, baking powder, salt, eggs, milk and 1 teaspoon oil. Beat until batter is smooth. Fold in aapples(or other fruit). Heat vegetable oil in a 10-inch skillet to 375 degrees. Drop apple batter by tablespoonfuls into pan. Turn once to brown on both sides. Remove with slotted spoon, and drain on paper towels. Be fully present & enjoy!


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