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Turn Up The Passion! Nine Ways to Color Your Summer Joyful
July 2006
Flowing throughout this issue
-- Red - The Element of Summer
-- Color Yourself Happy
-- Clutter - As An Art Form

Well, we are in the full swing of summer, and I hope you agree that we should celebrate with enthusiasm and flow with the "yang" energy of the season to evoke all the fun of an endless summer while we can. Read on to learn how to use color to affect your desires, mood and to lighten up. And, check out the "beach art" I snapped while taking in some sun. Now that's just fun:)

Learn more of what's new at Feng Shui At The Bay by clicking on "read on" to explore our summer series of workshops, lectures and classes. In addition to the Anne Arundel County and Annapolis venues, we have a new location at The Healing Path in one of Baltimore's swanky communities, Federal Hill.

The Mindful Shiatsu Center in Bowie is hosting two of our workshops from our "It's All About Energy" Boot Camp series.

We will kick off the fall season there with "Manage Your Personal Energy," being held on Sunday, September 17, 2006, from 3-6 p.m.

Our goal is to bring Feng Shui to you and your community so please share with us any spaces that can accommodate 15-30 people for seminars and workshops. This is our gift to you--to use less gasoline while continuing your personal learning. As a matter of fact, the dragon below may be voicing its opinion about the current gas prices.

"Coming soon!" Feng Shui At The Bay has partnered with Single Chair Creative Studio to develop a new online presence. The new FengShuiAtTheBay.com will unveil a new logo, feature a slick design, provide flowing navigation and enhanced virtual features, such as "Ask Yarrow," where you can get Feng Shui advice online.

Features are designed to support you in your continued learning, from your home and at a time convenient for you. I will still be out in the community teaching, but our goal is for a user- friendly website. You will be the first to know of the launch date.

We look forward to your input. Let us know now what you would like to see on the website and in this Chi Rising News communication.

Red - The Element of Summer
Put passion, love and romance in your life by using the color red. Red, a yang color, has the energy of power and warmth making it an ideal color for relationships, happiness and enlivening your spirit.

Summer chi, or energy, has "yang" qualities and the color red is often associated with this season. A Yang color can best be described as one that draws your eye and thus invites or coaxes the "chi" to follow it.

Red should be used sparingly in a summer wardrobe.

Year round it is beneficial to have a touch of red at the front entrance of your home, office and garden.

Entrances represent your face to the public and should be neat, clean and inviting. Likewise, thresholds mark the transition from the public space into your private space.

There are numerous schools of Feng Shui and in the Form School this placement at entrances and thresholds is known as the symbolic "Red Phoenix."

Often people ask me about using the color red in their bedroom. Be mindful of the use of red in your bedroom. Red will evoke passion. The passion may be of a loving nature or a contentious one if the hue is too strong or the representation of the color is dominate.

As with intense, bold colors, red accessories may provide just the right amount of "fire" and passion to create harmony in your life.

Color Yourself Happy
This sand sculpture is another of the "beach art" photos. A little sand, a bit of water and a generous amount of talent can create something amazing for the joy of everyone.

Like the photo, make the most of what you have. Keep your spirit high, your attitude positive and "be" yourself. That is a wonderful gift to the world.

As our knowledge of Feng Shui increases, we understand that there is even a deeper "something" going on. Something beyond the crystals, mirrors and red tassels.

Some Feng Shui reference books do not take into account the "inherent energies" in a room when making color suggestions. Try to "sense" into the energy in a space to determine which colors and in what proportions will create balance.

The following tips illustrate colors and their representative uses:

  • Orange promotes concentration and focus and is ideal for communities and organizations. It is a good representation of an earth element to put you in touch with the "Mother."
  • Purple, along with red and gold, is one of the colors of royalty and wealth. Use it to increase abundance.
  • Yellow evokes intelligence and focused attention. Use it to brighten a space, mimic the sun and add to your fashion on a gloomy day.
  • Brown is also an earth element. Brown provides stability and a feeling of being grounded. Floor coverings are often brown, including natural woods and bamboo.
  • Pink is reserved for romance, love, marriage and happiness. In your fashion, pink evokes a sense of sweetness and loyalty.
  • Green represents nature. Green is symbolic of life, new beginnings and growth. It brings energy to an area by refreshing and balancing the energy.
  • Blue in most hues promotes relaxation, calm and peace. An over representation of blue may cause one to feel "blue."
  • Black is best represented in small amounts as it can be depressing when over done. Black represents power.
  • White is a color representing purity and virginity. White also reflects other colors present in an environment.

Enjoy using and experimenting with color this summer. Color is another type of energy and life force that can either increase an energy field or drain it.

Use color to maintain, calm and enhance a specific "chi" energy in your environment. Use it to "lift" a mood and to nudge negativity out to allow the in-flow of positive energy.

Color in your wardrobe provides support for how you feel about yourself on any given day. Remember to use red to raise the energy, be noticed and to bring passion into your life.

Clutter - As An Art Form
ocart.small When I came across this "beach art" -covered building in Ocean City, Maryland, I realized it represents the epitome of clutter. The overflowing three-dimensional art exemplifies how a good idea can take over a space. Nonetheless, it is deserving of applause for creativity!

If clutter has gotten the best of you, de- clutter your summer by making a 15-minute "to do" list and engage family members and friends to help. An upcoming vacation may be a good enticement.

Clutter will be under control with a bit of extra focus and a light spirit asking "how did all this stuff get here anyhow?" Clutter didn't happen overnight and getting organized takes some time too.

To help your space "breathe," lighten it up by storing dark, heavy accessories and replacing them with lighter pieces in the hues of summer colors.

Remember to switch out your floor coverings as well. Hemp rugs are perfect for summer use...and make you feel like you are at the beach.

Replace your throws, toss pillows and bath towels with a Caribbean theme or ones with vibrant, fresh cabana stripes. Do away with heavy window treatments to create a breezy, fun energy for the rest of the season.

If you are a gardener and a lover of Mother Earth, you may have some unfinished projects in your garden.

When a project is in progress, arrange pots, plants, tools and supplies in ways that are pleasant to the eye. For instance, stack your empty garden pots in a pyramid to raise the energy in the space. Pyramid shapes are know to raise the chi.

With a bit of ingenuity, you can evoke joy with garden art naturally until you pot the plants and retire the shovel and soil amendments.

Enjoy your summer, kick back and remember that as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Wherever we go, whatever we do, self is the sole subject we study and learn."

Be mindful of all your gifts and talents, and


Blessings for a joyful summer.


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