August 2006 Chi Rising Newsletter
It's All Good! - Feng Shui Is Coming to Your Community


This month's newsletter is a short and snappy one, as I know you are busy preparing for the closure of summer, beginning of the school year and Labor Day parties.

In September, I'll send you some tips on ways to create healthy environments; but meanwhile, I want to give you a "heads up" on new fall workshops designed specifically from requests by clients and students!

Remember to let me know what you would like to see in a workshop. I am vested in your happiness.

With gas prices as they are, I am bringing Feng Shui to your community! I trust that you will enjoy the fall workshops scheduled in Annapolis, Bowie and Federal Hill.

Visit www.Fen where you can shop, register and pay for workshops and seminars.

These workshops and seminars are designed for your personal empowerment and enjoyment. The venues are exquisite and the times and days vary so you can attend and learn with us.

I hope you can join me to learn how to create healthy environments in your home and at your workplace. If your workplace is in your home, we have that covered too:)

Maybe you want to spice up your bedroom, calm down your child's room or bring more abundance to your family.

And, perhaps, you would like to create a "legible heart" in your winter garden to keep your heart happy on the most gloomy day.

Our workshops cover these areas and more.
It's all good!

  Some Things Never Change
  Something To Count On ~ Even In a Rapidly Changing World! coffee can


To lift your spirit, I feel compelled to share this snippet in time with you.

While driving through Pennsylvania's Seven Mountains on a Sunday morning to visit my two aunts, 96 and 91 years old, my heart was warmed with knowing that in all people there is "good."

This photograph reminds me that, amid a rapidly changing world, some things do stay the same.

At the end of a country lane, a coffee can sitting amid homegrown fruits and vegetables at a farm stand brought back 30 years of memorable good country living....and trust in mankind.

It's All Good! And, I hope it is good in your world too.
  A Gift For You
  Boost Your Budget
To help your budget AND to bring peace and harmony to your environment, I've included a consultation bonus coupon (see below) with this newsletter.

Get the fall started in a joyful way. Schedule a Feng Shui consultation and invest in yourself! You are worth it.

Please note that despite the rise in gasoline prices, I have not raised my consultation rates. And, I listened to you and am now bringing Feng Shui to your community with the cooperation of Meadow Hill Wellness Center in Annapolis, The Mindful Shiatsu Center in Bowie and The Healing Path in Federal Hill.

See you in September. And, remember to keep Your Chi Rising!

Yarrow ~ IFSG ~ Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

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