Feng Shui

What: Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese Art of Placement and is often referred to as "acupuncture for the home."  Translated, feng shui means 'wind and water.' Practiced for over 4000 years, there a number of different schools.  I incorporate feng shui principles from The Compass School, Black Hat Tibetan School, Intuitive and Form School into my practice, Feng Shui At The Bay®.

Feng Shui brings harmony and balance to the environment where you spend your time—in your living spaces, work places and garden.

Who: My approach is unique.  My deep understanding of chi/energy--the power behind feng shui—transforms the energy in you and your space for quick benefit.

How: Applying feng shui is similar to a creative recipe.  There are ingredients and proportions of the Five Elements, yin/yang, 9 Basic feng shui adjustments, your four power directions and Cardinal Rules that are included in a personalized recipe for you and your space.  My talent is the catalyst to bring it all into a beneficial mix for you!

Through experience, intuition and continued training, I achieve a balanced and harmonious environment by creating a beneficial flow of chi (energy) in your space.

Your role:  There are Eight Trigrams that represent areas of your life.  You work with me to determine where you are experiencing challenges and in what areas you want to bring balance o your life.  Achieving unlimited results through your intention is possible.

My service:  Consultations include feng shui for these desired life areas and more:

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To change your own energy using feng shui principles, visit:  www.conscioustoolbox.com

Fortunate Blessings!